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The perfect little gift or party favor!

Christmas Cookies Playdough Jar

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🍪Are you ready to make the perfect Christmas Cookies?🍪

These Christmas mini kits come packed to the brim with squishy mom-made sparkle playdough & all the trinkets and treasures needed to make your very own Christmas Creation--all stored perfectly in an air tight plastic jar with a screw on lid.

Crafted with your kids in mind, every Poppy and Pine Creations order is crafted and put together by a mom and teacher - - designed to keep your kids engaged, busy, learning, and having fun all season long.

Let your little one grow their imagination and explore this Christmas with this colorful, fun, and merry holiday sensory kit--giving them the opportunity to make their very own Christmas Cookies.

With each purchase you will receive...

~ 4 oz. hard plastic, air-tight sealed plastic jar
~ 3 oz. non toxic, mom-made playdough
~ 10+ high quality trinkets and treasures, including one cookie cutter, to make the perfect Christmas cookies

~ 8 oz. hard plastic, air-tight sealed plastic jar
~ 5 oz. non toxic, mom-made playdough
~ 15+ high quality trinkets and treasures, including 2 cookie cutters, to make the perfect Christmas cookies

★Sugar Cookie Kits come with glitter white dough and a star dough cutter
★Gingerbread Cookie Kits come with sprinkled brown dough and a gingerbread person dough cutter
★Candy Cane Swirl Kits come with swirled red and white sparkle dough and a candy cane dough cutter

*Add a 5 inch wooden rolling pin for just $2.00

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***Warning: Choking hazard. Due to small pieces and parts, this kit is not intended for children under 3 years of age. Adult supervision is always recommended.***

Did you know that sensory play...

1. Encourages and supports cognitive growth, social interaction, language development, fine and gross motor skills, creativity and exploration, and problem solving skills.

2. Focuses on hands-on learning which promotes awareness of all senses.

3. Allows kids to learn different sensory traits such as: hot vs. cold, sticky vs. smooth, wet vs. dry, etc...

4. Strengthens children's memory.

5. Helps kids learn to complete more complex learning tasks as they grow and develop.

6. Has the ability to help focus and calm kids who are anxious or frustrated.

Flour, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Cream of Tartar, Food Coloring, and Cinnamon on occasion (sand colored or brown doughs)

Product care instructions will come with each purchase. Be sure to store dough in an airtight container or bag.

Please allow 3 days for us to process your order. We aim to process all orders as soon as possible, but as we are a small team doing everything ourselves, we may encounter delays from time to time.

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